POLDER (Language German)

//Daniele Terzoli - Director Trieste International Science Fiction Festival:
"Mind blowing, psychedelic, kaleidoscopic! A fascinating film that cleverly combines reality and virtual worlds, exploring new territories of dystopian Science Fiction"

NEUROO-X, a German-Swiss-Chinese entertainment company group, creates games that dissolve the boundary between reality and gaming. A new gadget RED BOOK, transforms everyone's dreams into reality and fantastic adventures, breaking through to a parallel world, with no escape.

WINNER MÉLIÈS D’ARGENT Trieste Science + Fiction 2015

Other Worlds Austin 2015
San Francisco Indie Fest 2015
Neuchâtel Fantastic Festival 2015
Oldenburg 2015
Fancine Malaga Spain 2015
Ithaca 2015
Fantaspoa 2015

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